3G Pitch Resurfacing Benefits For Schools, Clubs and Leisure Centres

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3G Pitch Resurfacing

When a football or rugby surface is resurfaced with the latest high performance synthetic turf, it can offer many benefits for schools, clubs and leisure centres. 3G Pitch Resurfacing offer the ultimate in high-quality playing characteristics, including a realistic ball bounce and traction for players. These surface products also allow for full contact play, stud wear and sliding.

A 3G artificial grass sports surface can be used for a wide range of activities such as football, hockey and even golf. These types of multi-use games areas (MUGA’s) are commonly found in schools to allow the community to use their facilities on a more regular basis and generate income for the school, or even at leisure centres to upgrade a tired tarmac area.

The Science Behind 3G Pitch Resurfacing: Materials and Technology

As with any surfacing, it is important that your 3G surface is regularly brushed and groomed in-house or by a professional maintenance contractor. This will ensure that the rubber crumb infill remains evenly distributed and prevents compaction from causing damage to the surface. Regular brushing will help to collect contaminants such as foreign matter (litter, leaves, mud, soil, etc) and debris which can clog up infill layers or carpet drainage holes.

When a 3G artificial sports pitch is resurfaced it can be replaced with a new, state-of-the-art product designed and built in accordance with the FA’s ‘Fit For Football’ quality concept and IRB/RFU standards. The 3g Artificial Sports Pitch Resurfacing Contractors recommends that a replacement fund (sinking fund) is put in place to assist with the cost of future surface replacement.