Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

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If you’re interested in having your HVAC system cleaned, you should consider purchasing air duct cleaning equipment. These tools are used to create entry points in the HVAC system to allow for cleaning and inspection. They can be either portable or mounted on trucks. The truck/trailer-mounted air duct cleaning equipment is usually larger than the portable equipment. Portable air duct cleaning equipment is easier to transport and can be brought into a building.

You may be wondering where to get such a machine. The good news is that there are several manufacturers who provide air duct cleaning equipment for your convenience. NIKRO Industries, a proud member of the NADCA, manufactures gas-powered vacuum systems and HEPA-filter-equipped portable electric vacuum systems. NIKRO offers comprehensive packages, training and support for an ever-growing industry. And don’t forget that they sell a variety of other air duct cleaning equipment!

The most important air duct cleaning equipment is a vacuum. Most professionals use a truck-mounted vacuum system or a combination of both. A vacuum is an essential tool for cleaning a system because it feeds through the entire duct system and sucks up loose debris and dust. A power brush or manual hand brush also works well to scrub debris from the air ducts. You should have a selection of brushes handy to choose from.

While some companies use large vacuums to clean commercial ductwork, these tools are not appropriate for residential ductwork. The technicians must cut holes in the walls of the ductwork to connect the hose to the vacuum. Oftentimes, the technicians use an air compressor to blow air into the ducts. This method may remove some loose, dry debris, but most of the dirt and dust in the system is stuck to the walls of the ducts. A rotary brush cannot clean these ducts without ripping the hose.

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