Choosing a Heavy Duty Castor Wheel

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heavy duty castor wheel

A heavy duty castor wheels is a type of wheel that’s used to support and move equipment, such as carts and racks. These wheels can be made of many different materials, and are ideal for industrial and outdoor use.

Choosing the right wheel for your application is important to ensure that your equipment stays safe and functional. When selecting a wheel, it’s important to take into account the load capacity of each caster, as well as the roll resistance that the wheel will create when rolling over surfaces.

Common Castor Wheels

There are several different types of caster wheels available, each with unique properties that may be beneficial for your specific application. They include:

Small Castor Wheels

The size of a castor wheel can affect its maximum stability and load-bearing capacity. Smaller wheels tend to be cheaper and less durable.

The Ultimate Guide to Heavy-Duty Castor Wheels: Applications, Materials, and Load Capacities

Medium-sized castor wheels are commonly used to transport furniture, chairs and other products. They are typically made from metal and offer a high level of durability, as well as stability.

Large Castor Wheels

Larger castor wheels are usually made from stainless steel and offer a higher load-bearing capacity than their smaller counterparts. They can also be more resistant to scuffs and scratches on flooring.

It is also possible to choose a caster wheel that is designed to resist punctures and cracks. A puncture-resistant wheel is especially important for heavy-duty applications, such as those that involve moving heavy pieces of equipment around.