Excel Efficiency Hacks That Will Take You From Beginner to Pro in No Time

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Discover a treasure trove of Excel efficiency hacks that will take you from beginner to pro in no time. Mastering these tricks will enable you to navigate large spreadsheets effortlessly, create powerful formulas, and present data in a more visually appealing manner. Check out:  Go here

1. Create a Drop Down List – If you have a lot of repetitive work in your spreadsheets, it can save you lots of time and energy to add a drop-down list. This will allow you to select from a list instead of typing in a number every time.

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2. Split a column into two columns – You might want to break up information in a certain column into separate pieces of data for example splitting a person’s name into first and last names for mailing lists or separating a list of numbers into individual values for each one. You can do this in Excel by highlighting the column and selecting ‘Text to columns’ in the data tab. This will split the column based on commas and other characters in the text and will produce an output in the form of new columns for you.

3. Faster Number Crunching – You can make your spreadsheet more efficient by using the ‘Evaluate Formula‘ function to get the results of a particular formula without having to enter it in each cell. Simply highlight the cell with the formula and go to formulas -> evaluate formula (keyboard shortcut Alt + F2). Excel will then show you all the steps that it took to arrive at the result.