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Explore Our Cigarette Collection

Cigarette filters can take years to degrade, and when they do, they break into tiny microplastics that can be a hazard to marine life. Cindy Zipf, a volunteer with a group that cleans local beaches, says it’s common for her to find them on the shorelines, but lately she’s seen something new.Source :https://nativecigarettes.com/cigarettes

During the Victorian era, the rise of mass production meant it was easier than ever to accumulate things. Advertisers took advantage of this, and by the late 1800s, cigarette cards were commonplace.

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Featuring a variety of topics, these small cards provided an easy way to fill one’s curiosity. The popularity of these adorned additions to the product led to a broader selection and the creation of collectible sets based on interest groups. As a result, people were more likely to support the cigarettes produced by brands with topics they were interested in; this encouraged brand loyalty. These cards also served as a kind of encyclopedia for the masses, as people could create their own mini-encyclopedias on a range of subjects by collecting and curating these easily available card sets.