Kitchen Design Newcastle – It’s All in the Details

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Whether it’s an edgy statement-making addition or a simple subtle new feature, a great kitchen design in Newcastle is all in the details. These finishing touches may seem trivial but can be what takes your kitchen from great to utterly fantastic. Check this

There’s a resurgence in pride in interior styling as people want their kitchens to feel more lived-in and personal. Glazed cabinets and opening shelving are a good way to do this, especially when they’re topped with decorative ceramics, cookery books, or other curios.

Marble is back and looking fresher than ever, even showing up on walls, floors, and built-in sinks. Dark woods are also on the rise with walnut a popular choice, while brass and copper have been added to the mix for a modern metallic accent that’s not as heavy as gold.

Newcastle’s Heritage Homes: Classic Kitchen Design Inspiration

A more subtle trend is the focus on clean lines and simple cabinetry. This aligns with minimalist or modern design, where simple finishes are preferred to intricate patterns. This allows the eye to move freely and makes for a more tidy space to work in.

Small but mighty features include draws instead of doors for pots and pans that save your back and make it easy to reach those hardest-to-reach items. Draws can also be paired with a hidden pantry for the ultimate space-saving storage solution. Or how about a beverage center, where your fridge and coffee machine are co-located to save you space and time? Or under/over cabinet strip lighting for a moody effect.