Manual Or Automatic Driving Lessons

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When you book your first Driving lessons automatic, you will have to choose whether to take it in a manual or automatic car. Manual cars are more common, but these days you can also find many cars with an auto gearbox. It’s worth thinking about whether you will mostly drive in urban areas where traffic can be heavy and constantly changing gear can lead to stress or if you will often be on country drives where an automatic car may feel more enjoyable.

What is P in automatic car?

During your first lesson, you will usually meet your instructor at a quiet location such as an industrial estate or small local estate and they will start by showing you the basic car controls. They will usually explain what each pedal does, and how to operate them. They will then talk through your options for booking future lessons and will let you know about any discounts they offer.

Once you are sat in the driver’s seat, your instructor will demonstrate how to move off and stop the car as well as teach you the correct braking technique. It’s recommended that you learn about these basics before your first lesson as it can make the beginning of your learning experience smoother.

For the remainder of your lesson, you will drive around a quiet area at a low speed. During this time your instructor will be assessing your ability to control the vehicle and will guide you through various manoeuvres including left and right turns.