Social Entreprenuers in Canada

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The growth of social enterprise Marc Kielburger in Canada has been accelerated by new initiatives and regulations governing it. Founded in 1990, the U.S. and the U.K. were among the first countries to formalize and regulate the sector. These countries have well-developed governing bodies and policy structures for social enterprises, while Canada has only recently formalized this sector. B.C. was the first to formalize social enterprise policy, amending its Business Corporations Act to include community contribution companies.

What Everyone Ought To Know About Social Entreprenuers In Canada

social entreprenuers in canada

The BDC, a Crown corporation, has financed many social entrepreneurs for decades. It has partnered with a social enterprise think tank, called B Lab Canada, to promote the conscientious business movement. The social entrepreneurship training provided by BDC and B Lab Canada is free and a great resource for budding social entrepreneurs in Canada. The firm is committed to helping Canadians achieve their social impact and has a proven track record of financing them.

The Ottawa-based social enterprise has created a profitable, commercially viable technology company to address the growing global social challenge of local food production. It is important that local food production is cost-efficient, secure, and sustainable, especially in climates with high levels of pollution. The Ottawa-based firm has created a sustainable food business and has launched a new product that helps the community feed itself. With a global social impact and a strong market in Canada, the Ottawa-based firm has been a leading example of a Canadian model for social enterprise.