The Best CBD Oil For Muscle Soreness

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The Best CBD Oil For Muscle Soreness

Topical CBD Oil is a great option for pain, soreness and inflammation, but which one to choose? The answer depends on the source and intensity of the pain. Oral CBD is often best for pain that originates in the gastrointestinal tract, while CBD topicals are ideal for localized discomfort, like muscle aches and joint pain.

CBD topicals come in many forms, including oils, balms, creams and patches. Salves and creams are most commonly used for wounds, cuts and abrasions, while oils tend to be higher in potency and can include THC along with CBD for added pain relief. Many CBD creams also contain soothing ingredients, such as menthol, histamine dihydrochloride and lidocaine, to make them extra effective at relieving aches and pains.

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The beauty of a CBD topical is that the cannabinoids only reach the endocannabinoid receptors in the area where they are applied. This means they can work more quickly and precisely than oral CBD. In addition, since CBD in topicals doesn’t enter the bloodstream, there are no psychoactive effects.

While research on CBD topicals is limited, many experts agree that a CBD-infused body oil or a CBD patch can help ease sore muscles and joints. In fact, one study found that CBD oil can reduce post-workout muscle soreness in athletes. But it’s important to remember that CBD’s effectiveness varies greatly from person to person, so it may take some experimentation to find the right CBD product for you. It’s also important to check with a trusted provider and look for products that document their ingredients.