The Range Rover Sport Custom Takes Luxury to the Next Level

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The range rover sport custom is a new trim level that will be available exclusively in 2023. It brings the best of the range rover sport to a higher level by offering a variety of upgrades, including exclusive exterior colors, interior materials, and groundbreaking technologies.

Why are classic Defenders so expensive?

Designed by Gerry McGovern, chief creative officer of Land Rover, the new range rover sport features a reductive design approach with clean, sleek body lines that exude confidence and athleticism. It also carries the latest generation of Range Rover’s driver assistance technology to the next level.

It embodies the essence of luxury by blending sophisticated engineering, material tactility, and tailoring to provide a dynamic experience inside. The new model offers a choice of three levels of premium leather, each with multiple options for customization and detailing.

The new sculpted front grille, headlights, and lower bumper, along with a continuous tail-light graphic creates a powerful yet assertive road presence. Satin Burnished Copper details, unique bumpers, and Matte Graphite lettering bring additional design accents to the Range Rover Sport Dynamic, which is also offered with a choice of four wheel finishes and paints.

The standard air suspension brilliantly calming body motions, allowing the vehicle to soak up irregularities and minimize body roll. Its height adjustable dampers also reduce the vibration felt by the rear passengers and give the Sport a very soft, quiet ride to go along with its luxury image. In addition, adaptive cruise control has been added, which maintains a preset speed and steering angle on off-road terrain, keeping the driver focused on the road ahead.