Types of Pallet Rack Post Protectors

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Having the right warehouse safety equipment is key to working in a safe and efficient manner. This includes everything from the smallest pieces, such as pallet rack post protectors. These are a simple and practical defense against upright damage caused by forklift collisions. There are many different types of these, from steel to plastic and even rubber.

How do you protect pallets?

This type of protective device, also known as a column guard or frame guard, bolts to the floor in front of individual columns on a pallet rack to shield them from forklift impacts. They transfer the impact energy to the floor of your warehouse instead of through or into the uprights. They can also be used at the footer of a racking frame, or on every beam level if desired.

They come in several forms, from low-profile to large, depending on the needs of your warehouse. Some models are designed for specific racking brands, and others have a V-nose to deflect fork impact at the vulnerable base of the upright. Some are magnetic, meaning they don’t require any hardware or drilling into the floor to install. Others can be stacked to extend protection up the columns. Link : savemh.com

One small impact won’t collapse a properly designed racking system, however, over time, the accumulation of smaller damages can weaken the frame and make it more vulnerable to collapse or structural failure. Investing in the right racking protective products can save you money and frustration by reducing downtime and repairs. REB Storage Systems is a highly experienced systems integrator with 17 in-house project managers and engineers, who can help you identify the areas of your warehouse where protective products are most needed.