What is Shatter?

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shatter canada

Shatter canada | tale of two strains is a BHO cannabis concentrate that possesses high levels of THC. It is also known as a wax and a dab. Unlike the other marijuana concentrates, shatter has a clear and transparent appearance. It is very potent and is used by connoisseurs to enhance their experience. Usually it contains over 70% THC and can be smoked using a quartz nail or a dab rig.

The process of creating budder and shatter involves forcing pressurized butane through raw cannabis plant material to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes. This creates a concentrated form of cannabis called butane hash oil (BHO). To produce shatter, producers put the concentrate through further processing. After removing the butane, the remaining product is heated. As the product cools it becomes a transparent and amber-colored shatter.

Ordering Shatter Online: A Complete Guide to Purchasing Cannabis Concentrate on the Web”

When consumed, shatter produces an extremely potent and long-lasting high. Its THC concentration surpasses that of regular marijuana or hash. Depending on the quality of the shatter and its method of production, it can contain many other beneficial cannabinoids.

The manufacture of shatter and budder should only be done by professionals because the extraction processes are dangerous and illegal in most jurisdictions. This is why purchasing shatter from a reputable dispensary is vital.